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DaMa Consulting was founded and is headed by Marc Daems. The company draws fully upon his international and multi-cultural professional experience.

Marc Daems

Senior Industrial Business & Financial Executive, Marc Daems has 30 years of extensive experience, developed in financial and general management roles, in all aspects of financial, strategic, organisational and operational management within B2B industrial organisations, in international and multi-cultural environments.

Born in 1960 and having the Belgian nationality, he is living and working out of France since 1991.

During his career, Marc Daems occupied Finance and General Manager roles and has been exposed to complex, tense and delicate situations. It allowed him to acquire a much diversified industrial & international business expertise and an ability to adjust quickly and efficiently to changing external conditions.

He held different cross border leadership roles within UK and US stock quoted Corporate groups. As a result:
  • He understands very well the peculiarities and cultural aspects of the Anglo-Saxon, US and Continental Europe business culture,
  • He communicates efficiently and openly with the different business partners, based upon his linguistic skills in Dutch, English, French and German,
  • He has a capability to balance between a fact based decision environment and people sensitive context,
  • He is used to frequent cross border travelling and as a consequence he maintains this worldwide mobility to execute his missions,
  • He has the ability to motivate multi-cultural teams around strategic direction and changes,
  • He fits quickly and efficiently in a foreign & international environment in order to manage and to control complex and/or tense environments.
These skills position him as the ideal partner for any cross border business development project.


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