Business Opportunities

Additionally to the activities of transition management, M&A integration and business mediation, DaMa Consulting conducts or assists you with the following business opportunities:
  • International expansion
  • Exit projects
  • Organisational changes, executing both steps, namely implementing the decision of the change but more importantly, managing and implementing a sustainable "After the Change" organisation:
  • Restructuring,
  • Closures,
  • Moving,
  • Delayering,
  • Streamlining,
  • Carve-out,
  • Transitions…
  • Process improvements
  • Operational cost optimization,
  • Overall process simplification based upon lean principles and tools.
  • Strategy development and deployment
  • To review and to challenge the overall business strategy,
  • To translate this strategy into the relevant business process to be implemented or to be improved at the different levels of the organisation,
  • To define the adequate monthly KPI’s and related tracking process.
  • Search for European subsidies
  • To support financially an international expansion,
  • To identify financial resources to execute an improvement strategy (environment, job creation, security…).
  • Business sparring
  • Strategic projects reviews,
  • Current business performance.
  • Financial training for non-financial managers based upon your existing reporting system and terminology.
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Business Opportunities