Business Mediation

Why using DaMa Consulting for Business Mediation?

DaMa Consulting:
  • Is Certified mediator with Arm├ędis France,
  • Acts and complies in line with European Code of Conduct for Mediators,
  • Has extensive international and multi-cultural industrial business experience,
  • Has for the cross border disputes, the required linguistic skills in Dutch, English, French or German,
  • Understands the peculiarities and cultural aspects of Anglo-Saxon, US and Continental European business culture,
  • Has resolved several customer, supplier, financial and social disputes during his professional career.
The outcome: the dispute will be sustainably settled, in a cost and time effective way, based upon mutual consent of the parties in dispute.

The advantages of Business Mediation

Business mediation offers several advantages:
  • Confidential process,
  • Cost & time effective,
  • No arbitration or judgment,
  • Voluntary process resulting in sustainable solution,
  • Self-control of the process,
  • Ability to maintain the relationship, even after the dispute resolution.

What is Business Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method compared to the classical legal dispute settlements.

Different extensive definitions can be found on this subject but basically it concerns a structured communication process which is led by a mediator. The key elements of this process are that:
  • It is based upon a voluntarily approach of the parties who are in dispute,
  • Any party can end the mediation at any time and without providing any reason,
  • Mediator needs to be a neutral, independent and impartial third party,
  • Mediator will not take any decision, will not arbitrate or will not judge,
  • Mediator does not have to be necessary a specialist in the field related to the dispute,
  • Parties in dispute need to identify jointly the solution to their dispute.

The different types of Mediation

Mediation is applied in the private, public and business world for all kind of disputes, like:
  • Heritages,
  • Children custody,
  • Family conflicts,
  • Social conflicts,
  • Financial settlements,
  • Commercial disputes,
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Business Mediation